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In 2004 the MRFA decided to have a tagged trout program. Our idea was to have people purchase trout, we would tag them and release them at various places along the river. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and some purchased their trout in memory of a loved one. This idea caught on and it has been very successful.

Each trout has a numbered tag placed on it's dorsal fin. The tag has the initials MRFA and our phone number on it.

The date and place of release is recorded for each trout. So if you catch one of our tagged trout, please call the phone number on the tag to let us know the date and location where it was caught. This will enable us to track the fish and see how far they have traveled from their location of release.

We would appreciate it if you would release the fish so that another angler may catch it, therefore continuing our efforts to study the river.

In 2008 the MRFA released 200 tagged trout in the river, and to date 63 have been caught.

In 2008 the MRFA held two tagged trout stockings specifically for children to participate in.  One stocking was held in Orange and the other was held in South Royalston.  At each stocking, the children learned how to tag their own trout and release it properly into the river.  These stocking events were so successful, we plan to continue to hold them each year.

If you would like to purchase a tagged trout, they are $10.00 each. You may send a check to:
MRFA Tag a Trout
15 Stone Hill Road
New Salem, MA 01355