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Take a look of the types of Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout MRFA is releasing into the Millers River

Fall colored Brookies being stripped of eggs and milt for future generations
Long living Nova Scotia Strain

The Millers River Fishermen's Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Millers River and it's tributaries. Our goal is to make the Millers River the number one trout stream in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts once again.

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Help contribute to making the Millers River one of the best Blue Ribbon Rivers east of the Rockies.

MRFA Members with fall colored rainbow trout, noticed rainbow trout above
Donovan Strain extremely colored rainbow trout with red colored gill plates and fall spawners

What We Do

Each year in February we send out a promotional letter to all area businesses and many individuals. This letter updates everyone on what we've done in the past year and our plans for the new year.

Our stocking dates are already scheduled and we're ready to go in the Spring, usually at the beginning of May.

It takes a lot of work to stock in many of our areas, so we enlist the help of our members, friends and anyone in the community who would like to take part. We always get a number of kids to help and it's truly gratifying to see the smiles on their faces as they release their trout.

Being involved with the community is important to us as it enables us to reach out to more people. We held a fly fishing demonstration for a local Boy Scout troop. The kids had a great time learning a new sport and also won some nice prizes. We also donate some prize trout to both the Orange Gun Club and the North Quabbin Anglers' Fishing Derbies.

We are very proud and honored that this past year the MRFA was given a special plaque for recognition and appreciation by the North Worcester County Quabbin Anglers' Association for our efforts to make the Millers River the number one trout stream. The award was presented by Ken Simmons at the Quabbin Anglers' Annual Banquet.

From left to right: Ken Simmons, David Zink, Gail MacKnight, and MRFA President, Peter Mallett.