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Jim Foley casts a fly on the Millers River.

Well it seems like it has been forever since we have done anything with the site but now we are back and stronger than ever.

The ice storm caused us a world of hurt. We installed a greenhouse for all the fish tanks and have them under cover just to have a big tree fall during the ice storm the full length of the greenhouse. Between that and the power outages we were pretty much wiped out.

This spring we will have to make runs to Vermont, NH, Bolton, Ma. And the Cape to get all the fish we need for the rod and game clubs kids fishing derbies along with the kids stocking of the Millers River. Lot of work but a lot of fun.

Would love to have you join us there’s a lot of work to do I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

Then we have our annual clean up at Club House Pond and this year lake Matawa and the boat ramp at lake Rohunta.

Hopefully next year we will be raising our own trout from eggs. We have learned a lot about the process and the different stages they have to go through. We know now we can raise Brook Trout in one year’s time 10 to over twelve inches.

All the trout we get are special trout proven to be from the finest stock whether Brookies or Rainbows.


Ok if you’re around Holtshier Rd. Bridge in March stop to look at the dead water just above the bridge and you might see 20 to 24 inch brown and rainbows coming in to feed on the tiny black caddis and black stone fly.

Catching them is another matter but seeing them is very exciting.

The end of April the Hendrickson Hatch and unfortunately usually high water.If we are lucky and the water is fishable use the dark hendrickson dry and the wet fly size 14 and 12. I have more luck with the wet fly and will catch fish 10 to 1 from the dry. use Adams grey for body, med to dark dun for tail and hackle and wood duck for the wing.

Expect the Hendrickson anytime from April 20, to the end of April.May brings the caddis and my favorite caddis the zebra.

You also have Ephemerella cornuta the largest of the Blue wing olives size 16 and 14. And of course the sulphers. My go to flies at the end of March and the month of April are the black bead head woolly bugger weighted and the gotcha nymph.

For the gotcha nymph see Flagg’s Tackle.

Please join the M.R.F.A. only $25.00 and all the money goes back to the kids one way or the other.

Come join us, be part of the fun and the experience.

Thats it for now.

Any questions, commits, e-mail me. Good luck fishing.

Call in those tags ,the tagging program is really paying off.

Send me a great fishing story. I'll see you on the river ~Jim~