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Millers River Buckman's Pool

             Millers River Buckman's Pool

The Millers River is 44 miles long with over 50 tributaries. The river also has 7 miles of catch and release areas; one of them being in the remote section of Bearsden in Athol and the other extending from the Wendell bridge to the Erving dam.

Years ago the Millers River was the number one trout stream in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for many anglers. One of those anglers was the famed baseball legend, Ted Williams. Because the river is so abundant with food and the fish are surviving, it is fast becoming a well known fishing area again.

We have met fishermen from Boston, New York, and Springfield who come here to fish the river as often as possible. Reaching out to the community and spreading the word about our great natural resource has brought nothing but positive support.

It is truly incredible to see a once polluted river come back to life. Through the support of all of us we can preserve this great river and make it a number one fishing spot for all to enjoy.