There Are Takers And Givers – WHICH ARE YOU?

Fishermen what a passionate group of individuals they are.

You would think the older you get that wisdom and maturity would set in as an example of what humanity should be of getting along with your fellow man.

I guess that is too much ask, look at the how messed up our world is with the greed and power hungry factions that pollute the existence of man kind.

Why do we fish? or a matter of fact passionately dedicate our lives to do something we love to do.

I guess when it comes to fishing, it is something primal and innate that has evolved from survival of the hunter gathers that roamed the earth over many centuries and lingers on. Lets face it, this is a blood sport no matter what face you put on it. But it brings enjoyment to those that participate.

This brings me to what this post is about.

Every once in a while with any group that is passionate about what they do an ugly side of humanity pops up, for some reason they want to disrupt the good side of any group.


Something I could never understand, kind of reminds me of children in a school yard posturing about what they think is right or wrong. You would think this type of behavior would of been left there and as adults put behind them and matured into grown up adults.

One more thing to add this is a guest post. Anything I say here is my observations of a very troubling situation that continues to surface. This is my opinion and not of the Millers River Fishermen’s Organization.

As I have stated this post is about my observations of something that has no positive outcomes no matter what side you choose to stand on. This post is not about defending or attacking any group or individuals, but an observation that must be brought to everyone’s attention.

It’s about observations of childish behavior that stands to do more harm than good for what we all love to do.

If your reading this blog and any other blog about the Millers River or any other river, you do so for several reasons. You love the sport of fishing, you want to know more of what is going on for your favorite river and so forth… it is only natural to know more about what you passionately love to do.

I live pretty close to the banks of the Millers River for over 20 years. In those 20 plus years I have seen the Millers River bloom from a pretty polluted river to a river that could probably qualify as Blue Ribbon Status in a couple of years.

This could not of happened without the help of local communities and organizations that care.

Two of these organizations are fishing organizations, the Millers River Fishermen’s Association and the Millers River Trout Unlimited. Many other organizations, individuals and communities are also responsible for how the river has cleaned up, but I want to focus on these two organizations.

I have belonged to many, many fishing organizations over the years and everyone of them experience problems with their members over time. This story is no different.

My early years living near the banks of the Millers River, I sought out a local fishing organization and found out the Millers River had a TU chapter. What made it even more appealing is some of TU’s members where friends. I met them after moving here from the Boston area.

I attended several of their meetings and was impressed with the amount of members and activities of this group who cared about the Millers River. This was a group any person would be proud to be a member. Unfortunately some events came into my life that prevented me to dedicate any time with this group.

I never forgot them, I made a promise to myself I would return and help them with the Millers River.

This brings us back to the ugly side of things.

Move ahead fast forward to the recent years.

Time has been kinder to me and some of my personal challenges have freed some time to seek out my friends at the Millers River TU group.

What I come back to is, Millers River TU is almost a non-existent organization. Why? How could this of happened?

My understanding is some members got out of control, it divided the members, caused bad blood and the list goes on. A once thriving organization going down the tubes over a few bad apples.

When I got involved again the Millers River TU Organization was holding on by a few threads of existence but it refused to die. I applaud them for having the backbone, determination and vision to forge forward.

The Millers River needs friends like this.

The Millers River TU group is growing again and attracting new members, even better, they attracted workers. Some pretty smart cookies if you ask me. These new members are involved in the critical decision making process of how the Millers River will be managed into the future.

We all know about the beaver problems that are disrupting cold water tributaries that are vital to the existence of the Millers River. These individuals are our only hope to communicate to our politicians on what will benefit the Millers River in years to come.

Lucky for all of us these individuals understand the political process and love their work. Folks these are volunteers who have thrown in their hats, time and effort to work in making the Millers River a better place for all.

Let’s give them our support. I applaud them and support them every inch of the way. Our future generations will thank them for keeping the Millers River a cold water fishery.

During my absence another organization popped up. The Millers River Fishermen’s Association.

Turns out most of the same TU members are also members of this group and other organizations that care for the Millers River. Difference is Trout Unlimited is a national organization with restrictions. The Millers River Fishermen’s Association is solely dedicated in making the Millers River a better place for all.

Turns out the same bad individuals also created problems with this group. In some cases worst.

Lucky for all of us both organizations refused to die, once the trouble makers left!

Both groups do positive things each year to make it a better place to fish. They gather their members to remove trash and items that are dumped into the Millers River like shopping carts, old tires and more. Without this type of effort access to the river in many spots would be restricted. Landowners have commonly restricted access to the best pools of any river because of the pigs that ruin it for all.

Orcutt Pool is an example of having permission access to fish a prime spot on the Millers River. So if you see trash next time along the Millers River pack some out.

Each group also works with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stocking the Millers River, spreading out the trout in hopes there will be a better carry over of trout in the future. Along with working on future legislation to work out a solution for beaver control and protect the cold tributary headwaters of the Millers River.

All these efforts are helping to protect the existing populations of wild brook trout and increase brown trout spawning habitat. More and more juvenile brown trout are being caught each year because of the efforts of these groups.

Here is what is unique about The Millers River Fishermen’s Association, I have not heard of any other group doing this. They do additional trout stockings to supplement the Fish and Game stockings. These stockings are funded by the same communities and people that want the Millers River to be a better place for the future.

Sounds like all noble deeds on the surface, does it not?

Here is an interesting fact very few people know, I could never understand why the Millers River Association only stocks rainbow and brook trout. Turns out one of these bad apples dropped a dime and created a large division between the Fish & Game department and this local organization, restricting stocking options.

I can’t phantom in my mind why anyone would get in the way of stocking more brown trout in the Millers River in addition to what the Fish & Game department does. Seems to me this is a very bitter person who does not care about you or anyone else.

You would think this would be counter productive in the long run. Wouldn’t you think so?

My understanding this all occurred during the height of rivalry between the bad apples and hard working people who want the Millers River to be a better place for all. A very sad story if this is true.

Here is something else very few people know about the Millers River Fishermen’s Association. Just recently the Fish & Game department contacted the Millers River Fishermen’s Association to help them land a grant to help the Millers River. They needed to locate wild brook trout and were having problems locating a population of wild brook trout.

Seems to me this association is a creditable source, otherwise why would the biologist from the Fish & Game contact the Millers River Fishermen’s Association.

By the way the Fish & Game was successfully lead by the MRFA to wild populations of brook trout, the rest is up to them to land that grant that will benefit the Millers River.

My apologies for this long rant, but a little background info was needed to set the stage for the original intent of this post.

As in everything there is always two sides to a story. In all cases everyone lost because of these bad apples.

To sum this up, here is what I do know.

These two organizations work very hard for the benefit of others. They have what I call skin in the game. They actually do something to make the Millers River a better place for all.

If you fish the Millers River you have these two organizations to thank for taking a polluted river to a go to place to fish in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately this opinion is not share by all.

One particular individual, which I have met and only know him as an acquaintance. On the surface from my experience is very personable, charming, brilliant and very informative.

After meeting him I said to myself something is not right.

This person is a well known guide on the Millers River and derives income from his Millers River Online Fly Shop. Seems he is doing well and has a loyal following.

His success is all because of the efforts from communities, organizations and individuals that work very hard in making the Millers River a better place for all. The Millers River was a very polluted river and now in the near future may have blue ribbon status. This could not of been accomplished without the work of many.

I am not a person to believe what others say about someone else, if it does not involve me directly I can’t make judgment on other peoples experiences other than beware.

I am a firm believer of judging people on their actions, if they are what others say about them it will surface. Given enough rope these types of individuals will hang themselves all on their own.

Recently I come across a story about the Millers River that is counter productive, a story written by same person who benefits off the backs of others and criticizes them for doing a good deed of improving access to prime fishing spots.

Something that has not gone UN-noticed by many.

(Edited:This post in not about your past resume, if you think so you missed the whole point of this.

What you failed to mention is the sad state of affairs these organizations were after you left, and continue to target as in your recent post, this was the whole point of this. Otherwise this post would never of been published, you won’t leave well enough alone)

Seems to me a such a waste of energy and a counter productive activity targeting any group that makes access to the Millers River easier for all. Especially since he guides clients to these areas.

These groups pack out trash, clear paths and open access so it is easier to get to prime fishing spots. They actually do something to make the Millers River a better place to fish. More than anything I have seen this particular person demonstrate.

It would seem to me he would of put away his differences with these two organizations and do what is right for all and take the high road. Instead he took the low road for his own selfish gain and I hope others recognize that.

These groups he targets have taken the high road instead of diluting their efforts to immature actions that serve no positive purpose.

As this post started it is about my observations of something that has no positive outcomes no matter what side you choose to stand on. This post is not about defending or attacking any group or individuals, but an observation that must be brought to everyone’s attention.

It’s about observations of childish behavior that stands to do more harm than good for what we all love to do.

People are not dumb, actions are stronger than words, you have been found out.

I am very disappointed on how you childishly behave like you own the river and hide behind the legacy of a river.

Who cares!

What matters is where the Millers River is going in the future and access, the past polluted this river and shut down a lot of access.

These two organizations are doing the best they can for the future of the Millers River and future generations to come, more than any actions for individuals who point fingers from glass houses.

For all that read this, my title to this rant states

There Are Takers And Givers WHICH ARE YOU?

By the way your constant mentioned to great people like Ted Williams fishing the Millers River may just be an Urban Legend from the research I am doing.

If anyone has any definitive evidence that Ted Williams actually fished the Millers River I would love to hear about it. My interviews with people who actually knew Ted Williams is proving disappointing it may only be an Urban Legend he fished the Millers River.

So stay tuned this will not be my last guest post to this blog.

Now take some action and be part of improving the Millers River, join, donate, any group for the betterment of the Millers River.

Do your part to help make the Millers River a better place for all.

Don’t forget if you don’t have a copy of the Millers River Hot Spots, become a member of the Millers River Fishermen’s Association, the Millers River could use a few more friends, all monies go to the stocking of trout in the Millers River. 🙂

Stocking of MacKenzie’s Pool

MacKenzie's Pool, Millers River

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