Millers River Stocking Report

It has been a banner year for the Millers River Fishermans Association stocking of the Millers River.

Lots of fun having the kids stock the river.

In addition the MRFA has stocked some real large fish in the Millers River. The secret locations of the mammoth trout are only known by the members. If you want to know where the big boys are stocked you will have to become a member of the MRFA.

donated donaldson rainbowHere is an example of a 10 pound plus Donaldson Rainbow Trout stocked in one of our secret locations.

MRFA 038Another one that did not fit in the net.

Buddy 092Another large fish held by Jim Foley. This year all the very large fish were stocked in secret locations.

Buddy 116We have a bonus this year, the MRFA released some Tiger Trout (fertilized brown trout eggs with brook trout milt  and heat shocking the eggs to produce a Tiger Trout)

Buddy 123

One of the smaller large trout released in secret locations this year.

If you want to know where these big boys are become a member of the MRFA. Just go to our membership page and just sign up or renew your membership.

See you on the water.

Millers River Kids Stocking for 2013

Its time again to stock the Millers River

A great event to get your kids involved with helping the Millers River

Please view the stocking dates and times

“Kid’s Stocking

“April 28 @ Alan Rich Park in Athol at 11 am.

May 4 @ The Orange Teatment Plant on Rt.2A in Orange at 11 am.

May 11 in South Royalston at the Birch Hill Dam Parking Lot at 11 am.

May 4 Magee’s Garden, “THE BIG GUYS”

MRFA 038

May 5 The Bears Den, May 6 South Royalston below the first bridge,

May 7 Erving Wildlife Management Area in Erving.

Some of the Rainbows are 8 lb. you can come and see them before we put them in the Millers.

Buddy 092

call me at 978-544-7126

My cell 978-569-0163 Pete

Millers River Fall Stocking

Oct 4, 2012 with the help of many about 2000 trout were placed below Pete & Henrys in South Royalston down to the UTD Dam in Athol and from the Orange Dam down to Farly flats in Erving.

Many thanks to all that helped make this happen.

The Millers River suffered a lack of rain this year and I suspect we lost many trout to the high water temps.

I hope the fall stocking will help maintain a surviving population of trout in the Millers River. Every trout placed into the Millers River is a glimmer of hope for creating a resident strain of year around fish in the Millers River.

I know and many others do that a resident strain of trout is growing. Very small trout are caught each year much to small to be part of any trout stocking, this can only mean trout are spawning in the Millers River.

Again to all of you that helped with the fall stocking of the Millers River, KUDOS to you 🙂 and thank you. We hope to make the Millers River a better place to fish each year.

Millers River Stocking Has Started


What a beautiful day Sunday April 29th was, great day to stock the Millers River with the kids. We all gathered at Alan Rich Park, Athol.

Lots of hands to help out with the preparations and tagging of the trout. Many very large fish over 16″ with a few approaching 4lbs were dumped at Alan Rich Park.

Upstream view of stocking in Athol

Up stream view of Millers River stocking in Athol

Down stream view of Millers River in Athol


One of the big fish released in Athol

Winners of the raffle for boys and girls fishing rod

Big one to be stock in the Millers River soon!


Millers River Stocking Soon To Start

Every year the Millers River Fishermen’s Association stocks the river with large trout from 12″-20″ plus. Starting at Birch Hill Dam in South Royalston and finishing at the Wildlife Management Area in Erving, Ma. In addition to our regular stockings, we also hold 3 stockings specifically for children.

This year, our first stocking will be at the parking lot area of the Birch Hill Dam in South Royalston.

April 28, 2012 at 11 am.

The second stocking for the children will be at Alan Rich Park, Athol.

April 29, 2012 at 11 am.

The third and final stocking for the children will be at the Orange Treatment Plant

May 5, 2012 at 11 am.

During each stocking, children will be shown how we tag our trout for a study of the river, and they will be able to release trout to the river.

The numbers for all tagged trout will be recorded; that will enable the MRFA to determine if they have stayed in the area in which they are released, or if they have migrated to another part of the river.

This numbering system provides valuable stocking data to the MRFA. In past years, a trout was caught in Orcutt Pool in Orange, Ma., and this trout had been released at Birch Hill Dam in South Royalston. We also have a record of a rainbow trout released at 16″ grown to trophy size of 22″.

If you would like to purchase a tagged trout, they are $10.00 each. You may send a check to:
MRFA Tag a Trout
15 Stone Hill Road
New Salem, MA 01355

The Millers River Fishermen’s Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Millers River and its tributaries, our goal is to make it one of the top rated rivers in the State again.

We invite you to help us improve the future of the Millers River through a tax-deductible donation and become a member of our group. All monies go directly toward purchase of trout for stocking in the river, so any contribution is greatly appreciated.

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