Help Needed Cleanup Millers River Rare Opportunity


Hi there,

Pete here:

What a dry summer this has been. The rivers are extremely low with the temperatures real high.

There’s a silver lining to all of this until we see cooling temperatures and rain.

We have a rare opportunity and Now is the perfect time to take care of our rivers and streams.

With the waters so low NOW is the perfect time to wade and pick up items that somehow get into our waterways such as tires, shopping carts, bicycles and anything else that does not belong in our waterways.

The Millers River Association along with other river groups such as Trout Unlimited are organizing a gathering to clean up the Millers River.

This Saturday July 16, 2016 at 9am – 1pm

We are meeting at Allen Rich Park downtown Athol.

Give me a call so we have an idea on how many will be there at

Pete Mallet
cell 978-569-0163

Bring your waders, you could even wet wade, we will make our way downstream from Allen Rich Park, perfect time to explore the river for your next fishing trip when the water is much higher.

The bottom of the river is hard and easy to move around with the low water.

If you have a small boat bring it along so we can throw the junk into it.

What ever your reason just show up we need as many hands as possible to clean up anything that doesn’t belong in the river.

Even if you can’t show up, consider cleaning any waterway near you, we haven’t seen many of our treasured rivers this low.

Looking forward to seeing you on the river, the river needs our help

Pete Mallet
cell 978-569-0163

Millers River Fisherman’s Association