Millers River Fall Stocking

Oct 4, 2012 with the help of many about 2000 trout were placed below Pete & Henrys in South Royalston down to the UTD Dam in Athol and from the Orange Dam down to Farly flats in Erving.

Many thanks to all that helped make this happen.

The Millers River suffered a lack of rain this year and I suspect we lost many trout to the high water temps.

I hope the fall stocking will help maintain a surviving population of trout in the Millers River. Every trout placed into the Millers River is a glimmer of hope for creating a resident strain of year around fish in the Millers River.

I know and many others do that a resident strain of trout is growing. Very small trout are caught each year much to small to be part of any trout stocking, this can only mean trout are spawning in the Millers River.

Again to all of you that helped with the fall stocking of the Millers River, KUDOS to you 🙂 and thank you. We hope to make the Millers River a better place to fish each year.