Exploring The Millers River – MacKenzie’s Pool and Shon’s Bend

If you are anything like me this time of the year cabin fever is starting to set in.
With such record high temps for winter and lack of snow it is time to start exploring the
Millers River and see how what is going on.

Tuesday along with a good friend of mine we went down to MacKenzies Pool and Shon’s Bend.

Keep in mind many of hot spots on the Millers River over time have accumulated multiple names over the years depending on who you discuss this with may vary.

But the majority of the local fishermen that have lived all there lives near the Miller’s River agree with the names we will be covering in this blog.

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In the pictures below we are going to cover 2 hot spots that receive very little fishing pressure. The fishing pressure is not because of access but because not many fly fishermen know the easy access points to many under fished Hot Spots the Millers River has to offer.

This is located not very far below the famous Bears Den that receives a tremendous amount of pressure because of all the publicity it receives.

Trout move up and down rivers all the time from studies done and this is one of those areas they will travel too. Many of these fish in this stretch of the Millers River will rarely see any fly fishermen.

Keep in mind this is still catch and release water, so the same rules that apply to the Bears Den apply here.


This is MacKenzies Pool, Millers River looking upstream towards Bears Den

MacKenzies Pool, Millers River Looking Up Stream Towards Bears Den

MacKenzies Pool, Millers River Looking Tail Of Pool Above Island

MacKenzies Pool, Millers River Looking Tail Of Pool

Side Channel, Island dividing Millers River Bottom of Mackenzies Pool

Side Channel Divides Millers River Bottom Of MacKenzie's Pool

Looking below Island of MacKenzie’s Pool on the Millers RiverMacKenzie's Pool, Millers River Below Island

Shon’s Bend, Millers River Looking Down Stream

As you can see on trees all the pools are marked courtesy of MRFA

Shon's Bend, Millers River Looking Down Stream

Shon’s Bend Below Sign

Shon's Bend, Millers River Below Sign

Millers River Above Shon’s Bend

Millers River Above Shon's Bend

Pete Mallet, President of the Millers River Fishermen’s Association standing on Scott’s Rock located at MacKenzie’s Pool

Pete Mallet On Scott's Rock, MacKenzies Pool, Millers River

This is great spot to fish considering it is below the famous Bear’s Den which receives a very healthy stocking of Brown Trout. This area unless you know about it is hardly ever fished.

The trout migrate to places like this many times away from the pressure of the crowds.

Access to this is easy if you know how to get there. Another reason to consider getting our

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We want to bring back the Millers River to Blue Ribbon Status it was many many years ago. So join our group, learn and get to see it through the eyes of the veteran fishermen who have known it all their lives. 🙂

Millers River Fishermen’s Association Purpose

The Millers River Fishermen’s Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Millers River and it’s tributaries. Our goal is to make the Millers River the number one trout stream in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts once again.


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