Millers River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Monthly Meeting October 19th



Hi Everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder that our monthly chapter meeting will be held on Thursday October 19th at 6:30pm at the Otter River Sportsmans Club in Otter River, MA.

Otter River Sportsman’s Club, 250 Lord Rd, Baldwinville, MA 01436

Attached is an agenda of the items we will be discussing at this meeting.

We have a special guest speaker this month. Adam Kautza who is the State Coldwater Fisheries Project Leader of MassWildlife. He will be talking to us about his work/research and the future of the coldwater fisheries in Massachusetts!

Anyone is welcome to attend as this is a public event!

I hope everyone will be able to make it!

2017 Stocking Millers Rivers Officially Starts Saturday

100_0119100_0103Hi folks Millers River Fisherman’s Association is officially starting to stock the Millers River

The Dates are

Saturday April 29 @

Orange Treatment Plant

Rt 2A Orange 11am

We have a new place we will stocking

April 30 @ Erving Wildlife Management Area 11 am

Final Stocking May 13 @ Alan Rich Park, Main St. Athol Ma 11 am

Looking forward to seeing you there with your kids.

For any infomation call Pete at



Tully River Stocking in honor of Sen. Robert Wetmore Dedication

Hi more stocking this time Tully River

Pete Mallet is releasing trout in Tully River for a dedication by Mt Grace Land Conservation in honor of Sen. Robert Wetmore on Saturday Nov.12,2016 at 11:30 am, please come and help out.

Mt Grace Land Conservation Trust invites the public to celebrate the life of the late state Sen. Robert Wetmore on Saturday, when the trust will dedicate a stretch of the Tully River in memory of the longtime advocate for land conservation and public access for hunting and fishing.

An avid outdoorsman Wetmore was inspired to public service on returning home from the Korean War and finding his favorite stream was too polluted fo fish. Wetmore championed Article 97 to the Massachusetts Constitution, which established that public conservation land cannot simply be developed, but requires that the House and Senate must agree. He was a man whose passion for our world began in this special region and manifested into a lifetime of successful advocacy that will continue to show benefits for future generations. This is a fitting tribute that would please him greatly.

We invite you all to come to this formal dedication of the Robert D. Wetmore, Sr. Memorial Fishing Hole and the unveiling of a memorial.

For more information contact Marcela Maldonado – maldonado at or 978-248-2055 ex 12 or visit for more information

You can always call Pete Mallet at 978-544-7126 or see the complete article



Millers River Fisherman’s Association Kayak Raffle Winner

MRFA Kayak Raffle

The winner of our fishing kayak is Eugene Caron which was drawn September 1, 2016 at the French American Club in Athol, Mass.


Congratulations to Eugene!

Thanks to all our ticket sellers and to those who purchased them.

Without your help we would not be able to make the Millers River a better place to fish and leave a legacy to our future generations.

We have a new raffle one cord of 2 year old hard wood.

Tickets are $2.00 ea or 3 for $5.00



Contact via our website and give him a call

Help Needed Cleanup Millers River Rare Opportunity


Hi there,

Pete here:

What a dry summer this has been. The rivers are extremely low with the temperatures real high.

There’s a silver lining to all of this until we see cooling temperatures and rain.

We have a rare opportunity and Now is the perfect time to take care of our rivers and streams.

With the waters so low NOW is the perfect time to wade and pick up items that somehow get into our waterways such as tires, shopping carts, bicycles and anything else that does not belong in our waterways.

The Millers River Association along with other river groups such as Trout Unlimited are organizing a gathering to clean up the Millers River.

This Saturday July 16, 2016 at 9am – 1pm

We are meeting at Allen Rich Park downtown Athol.

Give me a call so we have an idea on how many will be there at

Pete Mallet
cell 978-569-0163

Bring your waders, you could even wet wade, we will make our way downstream from Allen Rich Park, perfect time to explore the river for your next fishing trip when the water is much higher.

The bottom of the river is hard and easy to move around with the low water.

If you have a small boat bring it along so we can throw the junk into it.

What ever your reason just show up we need as many hands as possible to clean up anything that doesn’t belong in the river.

Even if you can’t show up, consider cleaning any waterway near you, we haven’t seen many of our treasured rivers this low.

Looking forward to seeing you on the river, the river needs our help

Pete Mallet
cell 978-569-0163

Millers River Fisherman’s Association

MRFA – Project Healing Waters Event at Stone Hill Trout Farm

What a beautiful day it was Saturday, Project Healing Waters Function at Stone Hill Trout Farm. Plenty of biting fish for our veterans to catch. Everyone enjoyed this wonderful day.

2016 MFRA perment 1 053

2016 MFRA perment 1 049

2016 MFRA perment 1 045

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The MRFA would like to thank all who attended and DONATED in any way for our “HEALING WATERS” function recently held at Stone Hill Trout Farm.

Special Thanks to the Millers River Chapter of T.U. For your Generous Donation of food and drink, and for Scott manning the barbeque once again, and Bill Manser for making it possible for our Vets to have a great day with fellow anglers.

Let’s help Pete clean out his fish pond’s

Let’s help Pete clean out his fish pond’s

The MRFA and friends have been invited over to the Stone Hill Trout Farm at

15 Stone Hill Road New Salem Ma 01355

Saturday October 24th,

10 AM-2PM for a cookout and to fish private stocked trout ponds.

This is a C&R event and should be a fun event for all.

please no kids under 12. for more info call Pete at 978-544-7126


The recent rainfall we received over the past few days has boosted the flows in the Millers River!  We have confirmed with the DFW that we will be stocking trout in the Bearsden and Wendell Depot Catch & Release Areas tomorrow Friday October 2nd as scheduled.

We’ll be meeting at 9:15 AM at the Holtshire Rd Bridge to start stocking down through Wendell Depot. Then we’ll meet back up at 1:00 at Pete & Henry’s to start stocking down through the Bearsden. All are welcome to help lend a hand. Bring your waders and a friend along!

Also, don’t forget about our other upcoming events!  Hope you can make it!

Millers River Calendar Of Events



The MRFA Kid’s Stocking will be @ Alan Rich Park in Athol at 11am


May 8th – Millers River C&R Brown Trout Stocking:

We will meet at Holtshire Road Bridge/Rt 2A in West Orange at 8:30 AM to start stocking the lower C&R Area down through Wendell Depot.

Then we will meet back up at 1:15 PM at Pete & Henry’s in South Royalston to start stocking the Bearsden C&R Area. All are welcome to participate. Bring your waders and a friend along.

May 9th – Fishing with a member outing:

We will be fishing the Millers River Bearsden C&R Area @ Mackenzies Pool meeting at 3PM. The area can be accessed via Gulf Road, coming from Athol.

June 14th – Event on the River

Our annual “Event on the River” is back and will be held on Sunday June 14th, 12-5 PM. We will again be hosted by Henry (aka Shiner) and Beverly Satrowski’s house adjacent to the Holtshire Rd Bridge on the banks of the Millers River. A full day of events is in store including casting clinics, an “on the river” aquatic insect lesson, a full BBQ including smoked salmon and trout, and the drawing of our 120 raffle. Bring your waders! Bring your rods! Bring your appetite! Its going to be a great day!!

Hope to see you, and bring a friend along

Millers River Brown Trout Night Fishing

This is the second night on the Millers River this year and all this water we have been receiving this year has kept the Millers river high.Digital CameraLow water conditions below typical year

Photo above shows high water levels

Kempfield Pool Looking Upstream June 27

Normally this time of year you can see the water level much lower at the banks exposing the ground. Not this year the water is up to the grass banks.

First time out July 12, I stuck out due to high water conditions. I felt my flies were not swinging down low enough in the water column.  I fish a two fly dropper system when I fish almost all the time especially at night.

The two flies I was using were two versions of the picket pin two great flies for the Millers River they have all the qualities that fish like. But not that night.


I felt I needed to use a couple flies that would penetrate the deep water and swing in the zone of where the brown trout maybe feeding. I decided upon using bead head woolly buggers the extra weight of the brass beads would give me enough weight to swing deeper in the water column.

Last night I swung by Pete Mallet’s house before going down to the Millers River.

We discussed about a upcoming event to be held at Pete’s house this September for the Millers River Fisherman’s Association members. Keep an eye open for notice in this blog and in your e Mail inbox all members will be contacted for the final details.

Back to getting ready for the nights fishing for those brown trout. I was setting up my fly rod with some new flies in Pete’s garage, away from the Mosquitoes. For some reason or another I could not locate my woolly bugger fly box disappointed and upset I tied on two other flies for my night out on the river.

For a while I have been breeding genetic hackle chickens and some of my chickens provide me with very large spey hackle types of feathers. I tied this fly on below

103_2604It has a peacock herl head, copper wire body for weight and the largest spey type of hackle wound along the body with a dark tail. A very basic fly that pushes water and has a weighted body of copper wire to over come the resistance of the fly rising as it swings through a pool.

The next fly is my favorite a Black Winged Lead Wing Coachman one of my favorite flies for all occasions.

103_2603The leadwing coachman was my end fly and the spey type of fly was the dropper.

I arrived at the waters edge much later than I really wanted to do so, it was already dark and had to gear up in the dark. Not a big deal but sometimes the action starts early as the sun goes down. I missed this opportunity getting to the river late tonight.

Tonight the water was down a few feet but still very high for this time of the year. The mosquitoes were not bad tonight, last week I needed to wear a mosquito head net to fish without being overcome by the mosquitoes biting you, but tonight I went without a net.

All geared up and ready to go I glanced at my watched 9:20pm and the first cast was made. I normally fish at night traditional wet fly style, quarter cast across stream and swing the flies on a tight line as they make their way through the pool.

9:26pm at the end of a swing bang and out of the water a brown trout as it hammered one of my flies. Nice fish and good resistance. I couldn’t wait to see which fly this brown trout took. Nice fish of about 14-16 inches. I just wanted to get this trout back in the water soon as possible after taking a picture.

103_2598The spey type of fly won out this brown trout hammered this fly viciously.

Now back into the water to make some more swings through the pool. 9:33pm a second take this time a very gently take when I was lifting the line preparing to make a new cast.

This brown trout just a little bigger took the leadwing coachman.


These beautiful well colored brown trout are fat and active so they must be doing well in the Millers River feeding and growing.

A few more casts fishing till about 9:50pm with no other takes from the resident brown trout I decided to call it a night.

I noticed the brown trout I catch at night in the Millers River bite very early and fast within an hour from 9-10pm. I have fished till the wee hours of the morning and never found them to continue feeding through the night. Could be just were I fish, no need to waste anymore time fishing the pool once the activity dies.

Generally the fish show themselves if more than a couple of trout are in the pool, so I knew time to go home.

If you are not fishing at night on the Millers River give it a try you never know how you will do. Just fight your fish hard and fast and get them back into the water ASAP to live another day. The fish are not leader shy so use a heavy tippet and release them as quick as you can making sure to revive them.

Any questions or just comment on this blog if you are a night fisherman and wish to exchange ideas.